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Voyage in Japan(Ferry Sunflower)



If I go on a trip to Japan, I would like to use a facilities where Japanese prefer to stay, prefer to use comfortable transportation, want to go to a shop loved by locals.

We will propose a course that meets the needs of your company’s customers that is close to the life and culture of Japan.

Japan is a maritime country, and the sea route is substantial.

In the food culture as represented by sushi and sashimi, Japan has been in history with the sea. Today,passenger ships similar to first class hotels are also in service.

By entering a voyage on part of the course it will be possible for your customers to experience Japan deeper.

We have tie-ups with English and Chinese spoken mountains guide, photographer. We can offer family trips and honeymoon trips that are hospitable.

We also have our recommended model course so please feel free to contact us.

In addition, on this site, we also distribute information unique to local Japanese, such as restaurants, shopping, culture, traffic guidance and information useful for staying in Japan, as “About Japan”.


We are a tailor-made BtoB tour operator Japanese company that proposes and arranges trips according to customer’s request.

Features of our company are as follows,

1. Specializing in Inbound Tourism in Japan.

2. Be good at wide area travel incorporating domestic cruises.

3. We are able to suggest traveling experiences that will blend in with local lives.

Please contact us when you are looking for a tour operator for Inbound Tourism in Japan.

We are participating in the Kansai Tourism Bureau.

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