We offer plastic model production space in Osaka.

It can be reached within 30 minutes from Nanba · Umeda center in Osaka, about 1 hour by using train from Kansai International Airport.

At the production space, the instructor will guide you to make your plastic model. There are various kinds of plastic models including robot models such as Gundam, scale models such as battleships, cars, castles, etc. You can make your favorite plastic model at the production space. Under the guidance of the instructor, in addition to assembling the plastic model, you can paint realistically using air spray.


Let’s make a plastic model as one souvenir in the world for memories of traveling in Japan!


To use the production space, please email us 3 days in advance. We will check the availability and will reply to you e-mail.


<Time required/Fee>

with Instractor

Temple or Castle Series

1Day(About 8hrs.)…JPY20,000 (for a person)

Character Series

2Days(About14~16hrs.)…JPY40,000 (for a person)


The price of plastics & pigments are not included.

In addition to the above, various plastic models can be produced.


<contact information>


[email protected]

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